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Gunny and me


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My wife Connie asked me last nite if I wanted a new puppy ! I said sure I would love a new puppy but what would my boy think ? They say twos company three is a crowd. Gunny has all my love and I am dedicated to him and I would feel like I was replacing him and I don"t think he would understand.We have been together for all these years and have a bond which cant be broken. I would like a new puppy but not at the experience of gunnys feelings and I dont think I could give another bullie what I give to gunny, hes my boy and I love him with all my heart and were together all day everyday and there will never be another Gunnyboy! So I have to pass on a puppy and continue to to give him all of me like he dose. <3


  1. Cooper11's Avatar
    :) You never know! Gunny might like another bully around. And Gunnyboy can teach the pup his ways. Not saying Gunny doesn't have another 5 years or so left on him but when he does go to that better place it might be better for you to have another bully around to help you adjust and make you not sad. Every time I think about Cooper getting old and passing away it breaks my heart. I know I will take it really hard and don't even want to think about that day. There is nothing like 2 bullies playing and bonding. They just have a special bond! I dunno if I would get a male or female if you were to get one. Maybe take Gunny to go see some pups and see how he reacts. Maybe it will bring out the pup in him :) But then again do you want him to teach the new pup that he is the king! Has to be spoon fed and runs the house! :yes: :)
  2. gunnyboy's Avatar
    ,When he leaves me I"ll never adjust I don"t think I could live my life without him, he talks to me with his eyes, we know each other from the inside out. He"s put up with my BS and I"V dealt with his, first thing in the morning he gently puts his head on mine to wake me up. I know when he"s sick and he knows when my day sucks.He has given me so much joy and happiness that I could never repay him, You love your cooper now but over the years thru thick and thin the it just turns into much more than love ,can"t explain the feeling ya just gotta feel it to know it.He makes me laugh everyday, he has enriched my life and made me a better person now, than before I got him.I love singing him to sleep, and doing things he likes. We go for rides in the woods on the 4 wheeler, he rides with me when I cut the grass. theres only one Gunnyboy and one Tom and Nothing can come between us, Forever and a day.
  3. Cooper11's Avatar
    :) Awwwwww this made me smile when I read it! I know exactly what you are saying when you say he talks to you with his eyes. I think that is wht makes bullies so special it is really like they communicate with their eyes..... I can tell when Coop is sad, happy, did something naughty, wanting to play....just by looking in his eyes! :) I hope Gunny lives a very long life!!! He deserves it having an awesome daddy like you! I had a shih tzu for almost 13 years and he died in 2008.... got hit by a car! I think he was ready to go though he had been acting weird all week. Wasn't sleeping with us and not eating the best. He was at my aunts when he got hit and there is no reason who should have gotten hit. My aunt lives in town and she is on a corner so they shoulnd't havre been going that fast. They didn't even stop! :( My aunt is in wheel chair from a car accident like 17 years ago. My mom, her, and a friend went out to cheer my aunt up after a break up and they drank and then drove home and they all feel sleep and crashed! My mom almost died she had to be air lifted...broke her neck had a halo on for a long time and so did my aunt except my aunt broke her neck in a spot that paralyzed her. My shih tzu Jake loved my aunt. I got jake when I was younger and when I moved out he came with. He was the best dog we had ever had and so well trained! All we would have to do is say my aunts name and Jake was running to the door to go to her house! They had a special bond and he would just sit on her lap and sleep.

    The night she watch him my mom was over and I had also just gotten my other dog Griffen 10 days before. Well Jake kept wanting outside and they would let him out and tell him to come back in. They said he kept going out like 5 times and then my aunt heard the car and saw them hit him! He was so smart he never went on the road. he would outline the yard but NEVER went on the road. I almost think he commited suicide lol not funny but that is what it seemed like. Me and hubby and kids were at my dads for thanksgiving when my mom called and said jake got hit. My heart dropped and is again now that i am typing this. My hubby and I ran out the door and drove right over there and there he was laying in the middle of the road. My mom was standing out there by him with the other dog. I cried so much.

    He was the dog that was there for me when my parents got a divorce. I was always the child who loved the pets the most. Jake went with me everywhere. He was there when I had my daughter and even being his old self he was so so good with her. He was blind in one eye because he had gotten attacked by a big dog in 2002. I think that took a toll on him,...that dog got him good! I miss Jake all the time and Coop I swear reminds me of Jake. His face and his markings and his eye. Although cooper expresses more with his eye than jake they still remind me of him. I have had many dogs growing up but that was the hardest for me to take and then I found out I was prego 2 days later so I am sure I was overly emotional from that also. My aunt and mom felt so bad and were so sad. I know they cried too. My hubby picked Jake up and he looked like he was sleeping. Then blood started dripping from his mouth and OMG I bout lost it. We buried him in my aunts yard. He loved her so much and I am glad that he died at a place he loved! And he got to spent his last minutes with his aunt!! :)

    I know I will lose it when Coop goes. I love my other dog to but he is more a dog to me than Coop. Griffen just acts like the annoying little dog. I give him plenty of attention and love his so much but Coop just has those eyes that show his emotions!