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March 22nd 7:30am

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I'm so pissed and angry. I just don't know how to handle myself right now. Vegas got out of bed and came down stairs a few minutes before 7:30. Typical of his morning, he goes right into his kennel and falls back asleep. Less than 10 minutes later he gets up and walks to the side of my husbands chair. Mark has a tv tray wedged between the wall and his chair and uses it to set stuff on. Typical tv's legs form an X . If looking at the X his chair is on the left and the wall is on the right. There is very little room for a bulldog of Vegas size to fit between the wall and the leg. One of the things he sets on it is ice water. Often, he drinks the water and leaves the glass. Then the ice melts and it sits until he gets home the next day. Also, mail, magazines, DVD's, remotes.......and he has his laptop sitting on the arm of the chair. Well, today..Vegas gets up and starts to wander. He goes right for the tv tray and starts to push his way beside it. He gets stuck and i know he's about to have a seizure. At that time, his body starts to tense and everything on top of the table falls, including the cup of water. Now I'm soaked and Vegas is stuck. His body has wrapped around the tv tray legs and he is now seizing. His body tries to form an "o" so literally his body is wrapped around the legs of the tray. With everything falling and me swearing, Orion is upset and barking.

What a way to start the morning. I'm leaving the whole mess for my husband to clean up, that's how pissed I am. I've asked him to put the cup in the sink each night, but he forgets. Maybe this will remind him. He's lucky the water didn't soak his laptop.

Anyways, about two minutes later, Vegas is up. No pacing, in fact he just wants up in his daddy's chair to sleep. Vegas is upset because he has a wine box turned over that he uses as a step to get in the chair. It's covered in water and paper and the tv tray is on it's side blocking it. He is perfectly able to get into the chair from the other side, but he is a creature of habit and doesn't want to. So, I pick him up a put him in the chair.

< at my husband.

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  1. KMARINO's Avatar
    First, I am so glad it was a short seizure this time for Vegas. Secondly I would be throwing the damn TV tray out in the middle of the street, and went back to bed to start your morning over, after you changed out of your wet jammies.
  2. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Poor Vegas...poor thinks even Poor Mark! I am so sorry Vegas had a seizure...and I'm with Kelly..that tv tray would be in ugly place! Sometimes you can talk til your blue in the face...maybe THIS will get his attention! :hug:
  3. JeannieCO's Avatar
    Oh man that's a way to really set one off in the morning. Sorry too that Vegas had a seizure and Mark didn't do what he should have - cleaned up after himself. to you all.
  4. ChanelnBrutus's Avatar
    to you and Vegas! So sorry he had another seizure...also glad it was short...I think all men are the same with cleaning up after themselves Hope all goes well!
  5. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw im sorry bout vegas having a seizure. and im sorry that a tv tray with water got in the way. im not sure it wouldnt have been outside on the lawn to. lol i hope all is well now.