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Gunny and me


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Just in from doing yard work, we have a little over 3 acres and ya cant do it in a day ( not the way we work) It got too hot for Gunny outside so we came in for a break! I hope it starts raining so I dont have to go back out, Gunny has been a pain today. This morning I thought I would cuddle with momma to keep her on her good side, well as soon as I got next to her here he comes in the air on top of me, then he starts nipping Connie, pulling her pillow out from under her then starts biting me! He hates to share! Then latter in the day he started getting into everything, he got a roll of toilet paper and I had to chase him down to get it .Later took all the pillows off the bed and thru them on the floor. Connie had it with us and said we better settle down or she will put me to work.This IS all Gunnys fault I dont t know what got in to him today but I hope hes done for the day. Hes sleeping now and probably getting ready for tonite!
That Bullie is going to be the death of me I swear .I would rather raise two teenage girls than this Bullie,



  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw we all know the cat did it. :yes: love the stories
  2. GRACIE11's Avatar
    Too funny....Mine does not like to share either. I thought she might out grow it since she's only a puppy. But I think it's cute. Boy Gunnie sounds like he has alot of energy for 9 years old.
  3. Cooper11's Avatar
    This is one of my favorite blogs!!!! I will miss your funny little butt Gunny....or should i say big butt! :hmm: Either way I will truly miss you and your daddys adventures of mischief. :(