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Gunny and me


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AS I said in my last Blog, Gunny and I cut the grass and piddled around outside for a good hour. When Gunny came in he took a long nap wokeup hungry so I mixed up his dinner and fed him with his spoon. Really I have no Idea why we wont eat on his own? If I just sit it in front of him he turns his head and wont look at it, like Duh I ant eating it on the floor. when it came bedtime that was about 1:30AM he was in rare form! He sat on a love seat in the bed room and would bark at me I would yell WHAT!! and he would bark louder. I got out of bed and sat with him on the love seat and he stopped the barking game my wife was on her laptop in bed and said that dog is nine cents short a dime! got back in bed and he followed, he has to step up on a ceder chest at the bottom of the bed cause it"s too high. He gets in bed and and has a I"m gonna be bad and he was he was sitting in the middle of us. all of a sudden out of no where he leaps at me all 92 lbs of red and white fur airborne!! He looked like Rocky the flying squirel he landed on my chest and started licking my face and my bald head, he has a rough tongue and it felt like razor burn when he was done. He was nuts trying to stick his tongue in my nose and ear. he did this a goos 5 mins, then turned to Connie and started trying to pull her pillow out from under her. Shes yelling get this crazy dog off me. I have no idea what put him in that mood, I had to go shower I had spit , slime , and drool all over my face. When I came back to bed there he was sleeping like an angle like nothing ever happened.My wife said I better teach him some manners ( a little late huh) she turned over and went to sleep. He got me in trouble AGAIN!!!



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    aww love the stories. thanks for posting them:D
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    You two should have your own tv show:hahaha: