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Gunny and me


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Today was a beautiful day in NC, It was 84 and sunny we set a goal for today, cutting grass!! I waited for him to get up that was around noon we went outside to get started on the grass but he had to sit and watch those darn chickens then when he was ready he got in the wagon. I put hay in there for him to sit on it, he loves it. We got alot of the grass done and headed to the house, I watched the news and after all that work he napped. later he ate his dinner. We didn"t get into any trouble today by making a mess or leaving anything laying around, my wife was so proud of us and told us we were good boys! Gunny has a doctors app. tomorrow it"s a 2 hour drive but he loves to ride, it"s just for a check up and check his feet, They look so much better since I changed his food and he isn"t chewing on them. I took him off his pain med (tramodol) things are looking good for that ol guy it was a great day a great nite and were going to bed to watch tv and maybe sing a song. Life is good when your Bullie is happy!!

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