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Gunny and me


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Today we were going to cut the grass but it rained, Gunny got up late about 1:00 PM good thing he don"t have a job he would never get up in time and theres no way to wake him up. Shake him call his name and he don"t care. when he"s ready he will get up and on his time not mine.I thought we would clean up the man room today since it"s raining. Gunny and I are really messy in there and the wife says we deserve each other ? well I got it pretty well picked up while he slept on his big red chair in our man room, He ate a good dinner and will be ready for bed around 10:pm and if you don"t go when he wants too I pay hell!! he will bite my feet and just harass me til I say lets go to bed. My wife says it"s pretty when a Bulldog tells ya when to go to bed. He trained me well and I"m a good boy I can tell he thinks that. We have a Big screen tv in the bedroom so I don"t mind. another day in the life of my best freind Gunny. Ya gotta lov ethat oL guy.