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Gunny and me


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Had to leave early this morning to go to Raleigh for a docs appointment every thing was cool there Im good for another 25 yrs.
Gunny and foster and Gunny were alone all day so I let them out as soon as I got home. They both go out alone and usually back in right away.They have bunches of land to do as they please , the road is not close and Gunny can"t walk that far any way I came back in the house and got on the computer I left the back door open so they could come in when they were ready, well it"s been quite awhile foster came in but Gunny was still out there somewhere My wife called him a few times and she couldn"t see him, Then she yelled for me to hurry to the back door, I thought what trouble did he get us in know. The chicken coop is in the back yard and sits on high legs and a wire fence goes around it , they walk in to the wire part thru a little door and up a ramp into the coop, I look and my wife is laughing there he sits with a big Bullie smile sitting in side the wire in the chicken coop happy as he##, I said Gunny what are ya doin then I think he did it just to piss me off he started rolling in the chicken poo!! finally got him out and gave him a bath he ate his supper tan took a nap like nothing ever happened. Tomorrow we cut grass I fill the big cart with hay and he just sits there like hes king of the world, well he is!! Ya gotta love the ol guy.


  1. Biogirl71's Avatar
    That is such a funny story! I think you need a picture to go along with it!
  2. Cooper11's Avatar
    :) Good thing he wasn't eating the chicken poo!!!! You need to write a book! <3 your blogs! I smiled when I read this one.....I bet you didn't get a pic did ya!!!