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Gunny and me


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We got up this morning and went out to feed the chickens he did his duties then we just wandered around the pasture for awhile wondering what we should do today? I thought nothing just relax but when we came in the house the wife had other plans, start putting a new floor in the bathroom, Gunny loves to sit there and watch me work, the noise dosnt bother him he likes rootin thru my tools. time for lunch we had soup and grilled cheese he had half. back to the floor and we are not in it today, maybe we can come up with something to do it another day.I tell her that I need something from lowes for the floor and when we come back it will be too late to get back into it. Ya know it"s Gunny that gives me these Ideas he dont like to work ether. Hope it goes the way we planned.


  1. Cooper11's Avatar
    OMG! You better write these everyday! I am going to come back to read them! I love it!!! I love that Gunny slept till noon yesterday!!!! Funny he stays in bed when you get up. Coop does that sometimes too! :ROFL: at Gunny giving you sound like my step dad. my mom is always nagging him to do this and do that and nothing ever gets done! I love hearing the stories of you and your best friend Gunny! He sound like he is quite the character!!! <3 Take Care Old Man!!!! You better keep writing or I'll have to kick ya in the bum!!!
  2. cowsmom's Avatar
    ah what wonderful stories of you and your buddy. nice.