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Gunny and me

Gunny and Me

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Well we had a great day I got up about 80.0am and gunny rolled out a little after noon (he likes to sleep late) He helped me outside cleaning up the yard, well I cleaned up the yard he sat watching the 3 chickens we have, they are not caged and walk around him like hes their brother. Came in shared a ham sandwich and he napped and got on the computer for an hour or so then we both went into our man room and went to EBN of course About supper time He had Blue Buffalo Wilderness mixed with sheppards pie wet food, he ate it all up and went for a long nap. we watched tv with the wife for awhile then he had his bedtime cereal and off to bed. It was a great day with ol Gunny cant wait for tomorrow , I love him more everday.