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March 4th 2012 5:45am

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I guess we had a good run! By my calculation, 74 days seizure free. That is the 2nd longest time that he's gone without a seizure. Keep in mind, he is NOT monitored 24/7, but we do keep pretty good tabs on him with the help of my dear friend Becky. @JAKEISGREAT checks in on him during the weekday while we are at work via camera. If anyone reading this has interest in checking in on him....PM me and I can set you up with access.
So, early this morning Vegas wakes up and decides he wants under the covers. He nudges himself under and goes to the end of the bed and lays down. Then he starts kicking and all of a sudden he's gone over the foot of the bed and has burrito wrapped himself in the covers. My husband already had a hold of the covers, so when he went over, he didn't hit the ground. I went around to the end of the bed and lifted him onto the bed then we unwrapped him. His seizure was over in less than a minute and he regained composure fairly quickly. It's amazing to see when he actually is aware. It literally is like a light goes on. Before, he is frantically glancing around and sniffing you. It's almost as if he can't see anything. Mass confusion. Finally, he focuses directly on you and he just relaxes. He didn't do any pacing, in fact he eventually fell asleep right where he was for atleast an hour. Finally, daddy got up and Vegas followed him. They went downstairs and Vegas crawled up into daddy's lap and fell back to sleep. I was amazed that he was able to settle down without pacing. I have to say that today was a good day in the speak of seizures.
In fact, it is now 11:24 am and Vegas and Orion are taking advantage of the sunny day. They are running around outside, then inside...around the table and back outside. Then inside. Then outside. Then around the table and ontop of their kennels.

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  1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar Vegas..:hug: to you and Mommy...
  2. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw heres to many more days of no seizures for vegas.