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Adventures of Gracie and Caleb. Spina Bifida Bullies~an apology

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In my last two blogs, I have failed to mention that Im not doing this on my own. My wonderful husband is right there along with me. He has many times jumped into help when I cannot. In pain, sick, whatever. Changes diapers like they are nothing.
On road trips like to get Caleb, he never fussed, even though he is the one who has to do all the driving. At last minute, he has taken me to pick up rescues. No questions asked, even if it means our last dollar to do it.
He has always said he only wanted two dogs in the house. But still just go with the flow. We have 5 dogs in the house counting my daughters chihuahua.
Today is one of his days off, he has spent it cleaning Lola and Caleb. Changing diapers cause I have a virus. He is learning about the dehydrated raw as we speak. Bless this man. Disabled wife, seven kids between us (Several living with us at the moment, two special dogs and two crazy teenage dogs. lol


Dont let his rough biker look fool u. He is a marshmallow. Can you tell he loves Gracie?

On another note, Caleb has now started the dehydrated raw also. He is doing great on it. No problems what so ever.

Will post more next week.


  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh my thats so wonderful that he helps like that. bless him and you for doing what you do. :hug: do you think we can clone him?:D
  2. RescueMe's Avatar
    OMG more of him. He does frequently get on my nerves. LOL. No I think he is a saint. I dont know alot of men that put up with this craziness.