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2012 is starting out great!

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Our first day back to flex training and Chelsea did a really good job and the instructor said that Chelsea might be able to test out of level 1 as soon as this Saturday. She has been taken classes on and off for the last 4 months (a few minor injuries prevented her from attending a few classes).

This week I just spoke with a reputable local breeder that will be having puppies Jan 30th and I am hoping that this time we will be able to get Chelsea a brother. I did find a few puppies over the last month or so but each time my boyfriend found a reason to wait. The first one was a female and he has his heart set on a boy. The next one only had 1 ball and he wants it to be show potential. The final one's coloring wasn't ideal for him. Lol so I am going to try to find a time for us to meet the mommy bulldog assuming my boyfriend might get more excited when he meets her. He would have agreed to any of the puppies I found but I want him to be part of the decision making... which is tough for me since every bulldog puppy I see I want.

Plus we looking forward to the bulldog meetup and Chelsea's birthday coming up this month.


  1. acarabias's Avatar
    wonderful! I hope you find the perfect pup for both of you this time around!