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Adventures of Gracie and Caleb. Spina Bifida Bullies

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Well here we are again. We are now on Day 5 of Sojos dehydrated raw with Gracie. It has really cut down on the amount of poo and the consistency. Im still trying to find an easy medium on how much to feed. Gracie seems to love this food. I started her with the beef mix. Her butt looks a lot better so hopefully no surgery. But Im thinking there will be a little bit that will have to be removed. She is so spoiled already. Its hard to have her around the others sometimes cause she thinks it should be her all the time. LOL.
Caleb is a crazy dog. Hyper to the extreme. Hard to change him cause he wont sit still. It takes two of us to change him. He cries like a baby when in his kennel. Im still working on introducing him to Gracie. I dont want there to be conflicts. So we are going slow.
I swear these two are like night and day. She is calm and he is so not calm. He slams into you. So I have to be careful he doesnt knock me down.
I have one last roll of raw for him and then I will switch him to Sojos also. We will see how it goes with him.
Changing diapers has become a routine now. Just add it to the list of upkeep you do anyway. These dogs are so loving, Im becoming an advocate for these guys. They are awesome.
Till next time.


  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh its so great to read this. as you and i have talked about im very interested in dehydrated or prepackaged raw for sarah. its nice to read these stories and it helps me make up my mind on things. thanks so much for this blog
  2. Alice Kable's Avatar
    You are a special person!