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Adventures of Gracie and Caleb. Spina Bifida Bullies

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I have beenfollowing Glenda Mosners story of Munster a SB Baby she got from Montana, alongwith fostering for rescue. I know these dogs arenít broken. They just need alittle extra. May sound strange but my dad is 75 and incontinent, so thesebabies are close to my heart. I asked Glenda about adopting a Sb Bully and shesent me to a Spina Bifida Board. I posted there, got immediate responses.
A lady fromColumbia, IL responded. She had a SB Girl that she was overwhelmed with. Come to find out her boyfriend is from PoplarBluff, Mo which is south of me. Anyway, Gracie will turn 2 in April. So we setit up that they would stop her off on their way to visit his family. It tookless than a week from the time I talked to her till she got here.
In themeantime, the people on the board told me about Caleb with English BulldogRescue of Georgia. I filled out an application for him. And Waited. Lol
Graciearrived on December 2. They brought her giant crate, her blankie and somediapers. She had been fed Ol Roy. I was determined to get her off that rightaway. She is a sweetheart. Loves kids and dogs. Got into the groove with thediapers right away, the only thing is that they taped them to her. So off tosearch for a better way to diaper her. I also went and bought her a highprotein food. With Spina Bifida you either need a high protein diet or feedraw, it makes their poo firm and easier to clean up.
I decidedgive her a bath to help clean her up. So I bathe her and get her out. Sheshakes and poo goes everywhere. UGH! Lol. So back in the tub again. Yep shegets out and shakes and poo goes everywhere again. Geez. So I washed her butt againand put the diaper on her while she was still wet. Get her out dry her off.
I noticedalso that her butt stuck way out. Sorry to be descriptive but it was like abunch of grapes. Contacted FB friend that is with SOCal rescue. She told meimmediately that she had a prolapsed rectum. So we made a vet appointment forthe next day. The vet decided to push it back in and stitch it up using what iscalled a purse string.
But I musttell you I was in the room the whole time. When they shot her with the valium andshe collapsed my heart dropped. It didnít look like she was breathing. She madeit through that fine. So we left the vet armed with Antibiotics, cortisone spray and some whiteliquid that I cant remember the name of.
Gracie sleptpretty much the whole day, so I cleaned her and changed diapers while sheslept. Not an easy task. Vet told me to put her on a lower protein food tillshe heals to help her go poo.
Forward toabout 48 hours later and Gracie has still not pooped. I call the vet and hesays to give her an enema. Well that doesnít really work. Off to the vet again, where they give her onefor me. The vet sends me home with tubing and syringe to give her an enema oncea day for seven days. For about three days I give her one daily. Finally shegoes on her own. Yep now we have diarrhea. For the next four days she has it.Then I notice that she has what looks like hair hanging out. I just leave it alone. I call the vet on Mondayagain. Gracie has ripped all of her stitches out. Great. Now the vet ispuzzled. He says that we will have to come in every 5 days to have part of ittied off so it will die and fall off. For now, we are going to let her heal.She is bleeding pretty bad from the tearing.
On December20th I get the email EBRG that I am getting Caleb. YAY! I decide thatwe will drive from MO to Birmingham Alabama to get him. My daughters donít likechanging Gracie so we have to take her with us. Oh We decide to go get him onmy Birthday Dec 23rd. An almost 8 hour drive one way. I packed up Gracieís stuff the night before.Made sure I had food, water, cleaning supplies, blankets and plenty of diapers.I have finally figured out what works best for her. Dollar General Storepullups. I bought tons of adult diapers and had to give them to my dad. Lol.
4 am thenext morning we leave. Never try to change a diaper on a dog in a moving car.Poo everywhere and she is still bleeding. We made it to Birmingham and pickedup Caleb. Back home we go. Of course Gracie growls at Caleb so we have to keepthem separated. Hubby hooked Caleb up in the back seat and Gracie rides on mylap. Long 7 Ĺ hours home with 39 pound Gracie on my lap. Did I mention I forgotto take my meds that morning? By the time we got home I couldnít walk and myneck was killing me.
We are doinga slow intro with Gracie and Caleb. I think she is jealous.
In themeantime, I have found that the firmer the poo, the less Gracieís buttprotrudes. I am going to try dehydrated raw(Sojos) to see if that clears it up.I also called the vet and told him to give me two weeks to see if it works.Then we will go from there.
Thatís our story so far


  1. cali baker's Avatar
    Oh wow, Laurie. Your bully babies are really keeping you busy. The fact that you have little Gracie in your life right now is an illustration of the loving and compassionate person you are. I really admire you. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the progress you are having w/Caleb and Gracie in 2012!!
  2. Biogirl71's Avatar
    You are an amazing person for giving two such special bullies a loving home! I look forward to reading more about your adventures with Gracie and Caleb!
  3. bullmama's Avatar
    You are an amazing woman for caring for these babies, wish there were more in the world like you!
  4. JeannieCO's Avatar
    They are so blessed to have you as thier mamma. What a remarkable person you are too.
  5. Davidh's Avatar
    WOW, what a story, you too are very special people with a heart of gold.
  6. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh my what a wonderful story. i enjoyed reading all of it. thats awsome of you to take these 2 wonderful babies. ty for being the person you are
  7. Alice Kable's Avatar
    Yes you are an amazing woman to take on and care for these pups. There is a special place in heaven for people like you!
  8. acarabias's Avatar
    you are amazing!! Gracie and Caleb are really so lucky to have you!
  9. Glenda C Mosner's Avatar
    What a great & inspirational write up...Im so proud to call you my friend <3