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Today has been fun, (so far).... :)

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Today we took our son outside to teach him to ride a bike. Kids! These days they are not even wanting to learn!
But he started to get the idea toward the end, oh well. We shall try again tomorrow.

I got two used X large crates off craigslist, so I have been scrubbing and cleaning them for some temporary housing. Would like to start crate training the pups so I must take Jesse and Mandys crates and move them into these.

Sometime soon, we are in process of creating the bullies bedroom, where we will have nice big runs for each girl to relax in for the night. Crates are temporary until then, as soon as I find what I am looking for. So much to choose from, and pretty expensive.

Must get some Frontline too, I think we have fleas in AZ this year! We had a ton of rain, so this is very unusual.

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