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The chronicles of a tired person

Double Trouble!

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Well, so far the holidays have brought us kennel cough for Finn and a half eaten tennis ball compliments of Tate who by the way seems to be experiencing some constipation right now.

So of course there has to be even more drama going on right? Last night there was bloodshed. YES, serious bloodshed.

I don't know what happened b/c it happened so fast, but this time Tate attacked Finn and pinned him down and apparently bit his ear. That's where the blood was dripping from anyways.
I was in a panic. Just looking at blood can make me pass out. As I was cleaning Finn up and making sure there wasn't any serious damage done to him, I was sort of in a half-trance, half panicky mode. Tate just innocently lay in bed watching all this unfold. I got out the hydrogen peroxide, the witch hazel, cotton gauze pads, towels, kleenex. Oh boy! Usually Tate is the calmer one of the two, the more submissive one who lets his little brother walk all over him. Last night though, he didn't let Finn get away with anything. They were fighting before this all happened but I guess the fight was not yet "completed". It scared the H--- out of me! I know i probably did not handle it very well from a "pack leader" perspective. I was going to crate Tate after this happened but by the time i cleaned up Finn and the bedroom, and dragged the crate into the room, everything had calmed down. Geez, what is this, the teenage rebellious phase?! I think i'm going crazy