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December 10th 5:30 am

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Only 20 days! 20 DAYS!!! I thought we were doing better, but not even 3 weeks have passed since his last seizure. Vegas did have a tough day yesterday. We had a new Dish service out to the house to hook up some stuff for us. It took him 4 hours, and for most of it, Vegas just chilled in the car. My MIL decided he'd been out there too long, so she brought him in, put him in his kennel...and gave him a treat ball. Having a stranger in the house, right in front of him....and him unable to sniff, meet or investigate was starting to wear on him. I was able to check on him from our camera, and he was barking and pacing his kennel.

I don't know if that caused it...or just another seizure without reasoning.

But...he hasn't paced at all. After the seizure, he layed in bed. Once his breathing returned to normal, he went outside to potty. Then, he climbed back up the stairs to bed.


  1. Davidh's Avatar
    Poor Vegas, I bet it was the excitement of having a stranger in the house that brought his episode on. Kisses and hugs to Vegas. Hope it's a long time before another one.
  2. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw poor vegas. yes sounds like to much excitement. oh hoping for a longer time next time. we have a boston with seizures to. hes on meds but still has them
  3. Daizy and Dukes mom's Avatar
    I used to have an epileptic mini schnauzer and found a great website with a great support group, like this one. My Samson would not of been around as long as he was if it weren't for this great group. Thought I'd share if you weren't aware of them. My Samson has been gone for 2 yrs now but I am still part of that list, wonderful group of supportive, non-judgemental people.