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The chronicles of a tired person

What more could I ask for?

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It's a pretty Saturday here...sunshine and blue skies. Supposed to get into the 80's this weekend but it still feels pretty cool to me. I even have my socks on 'cuz my feet are freezing! We're all snuggled up in bed...our favorite past time on the weekends. And Tate's in his favorite position...head and 1/4 of his body on my lap.
He's snoring so loud too! I just love -img_0785-jpghis snuggles...they are a sweet expression of his love. Little Finn on the other hand is at my feet, and surprisingly, sleeping


rather quietly!
Pretty soon, mommy's gonna join them in dreamland too...-photo-2011-11-26-12-21-jpg


  1. Davidh's Avatar
    awww just love the pics of your boys and you, thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great weekend.
  2. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw thats so cute. yes tate looks like sarah. she loves to have her head on me somewhere. thanks for sharing