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A blanky for mom

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I got myself a brand new blanket today! Hurrah! I've been living with a blanket with these huge holes and tears in it (thanks to Finn's fangs), and since it's getting so cold these days, it was time for a new one.

Originally, i was going to get an electric blanket, but the one's at Target, which is where I went to, didn't get the best reviews. So, I just decided on a regular blanket. Got a nice, fluffy, king size one. When i put it on the bed, Finn immediately investigated, sniffing every inch of it, it seemed. Finally, he settled into a perfect spot and is now snoring away.
Tate prefers my lap.-photo-2011-11-20-13-21-2-jpg


  1. Davidh's Avatar
    Looks like they approve of the new blanket. haha