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November 20th 2011 2:30am

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I wonder if seizures can be triggered by warmth? Vegas and I went to bed last night about 11ish. Daddy wasn't home from watching 'the fights', so we had no one to keep us warm. Vegas wanted under the covers and I let him..then fell asleep. I awoke at 2:00 to Vegas panting like crazy. I flipped the covers back and moved him in front of the fan. It's below freezing the room was chilly. Vegas eventually stopped panting and fell back to sleep. About 2:30, he stands up and walks over the top of me. I grab him and give him to my husband..saying "He's gonna have a seizure." Mark holds onto him as his little legs are moving forward. Vegas throws his head to the left as he pushes his feet out behind him. No seizure...just extreme muscle tightening. Then, Vegas turns his head to the right and the seizure starts. Very short, no more than a minute of seizing. He then lays on top of the covers and just stares about the room. 5 mins later..the urge to pace kicks in. I carry him down the stairs and carry Orion UP the stairs. Vegas runs outside and throws himself into the grass...which is frozen. He rolls around in it then stands up and runs back inside. I filled his treatball with some pretzels and let him go. When the ball was empty...about 30 mins later, he climbed behind me on the couch and fell asleep. Slept solid until 8am.



  1. cali baker's Avatar
    I'm not sure if temps can trigger seizures but I'm sure extremes of anything aren't a good thing . I'm glad Vegas was able to sleep well after his episode tho. Poor thing...I don't like him having to go thru that. He sure loved that treat ball too.
  2. Davidh's Avatar
    Poor Vegas, not sure on the warmth thing either, I know fever can set them off in children, but don't know about dogs. Vegas is so lucky to have you because you are a very good bully mama.