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The chronicles of a tired person


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I can blog again! :yes2:

Thanks to Lisa for getting EBN up and running back to normal again.

The boys have been sleeping A LOT today. I'm so glad about this b/c I really do think they need the sleep. They always get up when I get up even though I tell them to go back to sleep. Aren't they supposed to understand and listen?!

Last night I had a scare when Finn first head butted me in the jaw, then several seconds later, rammed his head into my nose. As I held my nose and felt my eyes tearing up, I was thinking, 'now which emergency room should i go to?' b/c i was sure he broke my nose. Thank goodness though, this wasn't the case. There was blood and there was pain, but my nose was intact. That boy is gonna kill me one of these days! I'm not kidding.


  1. Davidh's Avatar
    Oh man, sure glad he didn't break you nose. BeBe used to be bad about that and she finally grew out of it, so maybe there is hope for Finn. They just want to play and don't realize how strong they are and love to head butt. Little stinkers.