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The chronicles of a tired person

Is it Friday yet?

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It has been a long week and I'm feeling tired.

There is too much drama and "stuff" at work to deal with, then when i come home and all i want to do is sit there in front of the TV and stuff my face, I can't b/c i have these two little guys to tend to, not to mention all the cleaning up I have to do b/c of these two little guys and their antics of the day!
Lately, they have been attacking their wee wee pads. Shredded, wet wee wee pads tossed here and there is not something I enjoy coming home to. For the last two nights in a row however, this is what has welcomed me, along with two very excited little guys. So, into their crates they go while mommy cleans up the mess.

Tonight, after work, I stopped by Whole Foods to p/u some turkey parts. Yes, parts. I'm fixing to do a braised turkey this coming weekend, a recipe from the NY Times by Mark Bittman. A person I know swears by this recipe and he does it annually for his Thanksgiving feast. Since I won't be eating turkey on Turkey day itself (my brother will have a smoked salmon for brunch), and b/c i love turkey, I decided what the heck, i'll make one myself. Plus, I think Tate and Finn will enjoy it too. I'm looking forward to cooking and making the house smell yummy this coming weekend.

Okay, gotta get back to the boys now...