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The chronicles of a tired person

Monday, Monday...

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Didn't the Mama's and the Papa's sing, "can't trust that day..."? I'd have to agree with them
Can you say, BUSY? I was wondering if today was perhaps another full moon, or if there was a two for one special on pain medications...or WHAT???!!! Since we opened at 8am this a.m., it's been non-stop in the pharmacy. And you know how busy days are supposed to go by fast? Well, no, not this busy day. It dragged...and dragged...on and on....

A bright side of today was at lunch time when we all treated one of the other pharmacists for lunch b/c of her extra hard work and dedication to her job. We got food from Senor Fish, one of my favorite Mexican seafood places. I had the shrimp and scallop burrito...a monstrous entity of which i only ate a third of...i swear you could have done arm curls with that one! Muy delicioso!

I'm looking forward to seeing my little rascals very soon