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The chronicles of a tired person

Blustery morning

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We got up early this morning, around 5am, and got ready to go out. The forecast was for a cloudy day today, no rain yet, so I wanted to take advantage of the dry weather and take the boys on a hike at one of our favorites, Brand Park in Glendale. Driving to the park, i noticed it was starting to sprinkle. I decided to continue onwards to the park anyways. As long as there was no downpour or lightning, Tate, Finn, or I don't mind a little rain. When we got there we headed up the mountain, on the fire road. There were a few people there already, many with their large walking sticks. "The regulars", I call them. We walked up for about 15 minutes, then headed back down because I wanted to give the boys a chance to play in the park. It was empty, so this morning they were able to run freely! The wind by now was blowing, the leaves were rustling, and it was such a fun time to just play outside.


It's been a good morning. <3