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The chronicles of a tired person

TGIT (Thank Goodness it's Thursday)!

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Even tho today is Thursday, it's really like a Friday b/c we have a holiday tomorrow due to Veteran's Day.

So early this a.m. i wake up b/c Mr.Finn decides to sleep in my exact spot, super scrunched up close to me...but i didn't care, i just snuggled into him a bit more. Then at around 4am, i heard him starting to heave and yup, he threw up. Thankfully it wasn't too much and also thankfully, parts of his toy that he swallowed yesterday also came out! I was wondering which one of them swallowed that plastic foot of the stuffed piggy doll i got for them. Maybe that's why Finn wasn't in such a great mood last night? i wouldn't be either if i had a plastic pig's foot in my tummy. I'm really getting way more careful with the toys i'm leaving out for them these days. Finn is like a chewing machine.

I love my boys and am looking forward to a nice long 3 day weekend with them.