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The chronicles of a tired person

Grumpiness is contagious

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I'm feeling grumpy right now. I'm in bed, it's not yet even 8pm but then again, that's not unusual for me. I'm feeling really tired. I didn't even do the dishes or straighten up the kitchen like i usually do after dinner. I am that grumpy. First Finn and his grumpiness and now me.

I feel bad because i didn't play with F and T as much as I wanted to tonight but somehow, i think they understand. They're here in bed with me. Finn finally figured out that growling will not get him anywhere except into his crate. He's calmed down quite a bit and both of them are laying down next to each other.

I'm just going to take a nice, deep breath and be thankful for the calmness and the peace of the moment. Yes, that feels better.
Looking at these two rascal's faces, hearing their grunts and snorts, their squeals when they play with each other, and feeling their bodies snuggle close to me...this might be the antidote to "the grumpys"that i've been looking for.