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Doggy Day Camp

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When I dropped T and F off at day camp today they were both eager to go inside. I stuck around for several minutes to observe them. Right away, Finn took his place in the corner, sitting on a cot. Tate got into the mix though, started sniffing other dogs and playing, but he would every now and then, visit with his brother Finn on the cot.

The report from the attendant when I picked them up was that Finn didn't play so much and stayed on the cot often. He would also stick around Tate and when Tate came on the cot, Finn would sit close to him and lean his chin on Tate. My Finn is definitely the more reserved of the two. I'm hoping that with some time and more excursions to day camp, Finn will have more fun and join in with the other dogs there.
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  1. Davidh's Avatar
    Awwww poor Finn, I think he's scared or does not like day camp, poor boy. Maybe with time he will start to enjoy himself.