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The chronicles of a tired person

It's so quiet...

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I dropped T and F off at daycamp at around 9:30am today. Then, i went shopping, did a quick workout, took a long hot bath, cooked, put some laundry in the wash, and will now sew some rips and tears in their beds which they will likely rip open again tonight

It's nice...


  1. Davidh's Avatar
    Sounds like a great day.
  2. cali baker's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Davidh
    Sounds like a great day.
    It was a great day, David. I actually spent two whole hours w/my girlfriend at a coffee house!

    I missed my little guys tho. Now they're all snuggled up in bed playing w/their new toys i got them at PS for being such good boys.
  3. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Hi..Henny! I've been missing your blog entries! COOL!!