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Take a hike!

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I was very proud of both Finn and Tate this morning. We went to Brand Park in Glendale at 7am-ishand hiked up a grueling trail. This is the same trail I used to hike on before I got the boys and used as one of my training routes. It's really tough. I took them up here once before, a few weeks ago and told myself I wouldn't do that again because it's pretty steep. They did great back then too though. So, I thought about it this morning and decided to try again. I was impressed with their determination and their stamina! I made sure to take plenty of water breaks of course. Our entire hike took 1 hour (it was a loop hike), and was a wonderful way to start our day!
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  1. Davidh's Avatar
    Looks like a fun hike. Tate looks like he has had enough in that one pics. haha
  2. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Yay! You have a blog! I love it! Good for you..those boyz are tooooo cute!