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October 1st 2011

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I'm so sad to be writing this. After 3 months of no grand-mal seizures, Vegas suffered from one at 6am this morning. Nothing to warn us, except YESTERDAY morning before I left for work, he was real aggressive with Orion. He had her so pissed off, it took 10 minutes for her breathing to return to normal. He just was railroading her, knocking her over, pushing her around..etc. Becky aka @JAKEISGREAT, watched him over the camera most of the day. She said he was very calm and nothing out of the norm was going on.

About 3am, he woke up hot and decided he needed to go outside. I took him down the stairs (which he did perfectly until the last 2) and he went outside. As soon as he stepped off the patio and into the grass, he laid down. The grass was nice and cool...and he stayed there for a few minutes. Vegas then came back into the house and he wanted to snuggle on the couch. We snuggled until he fell asleep..then I picked him up and carried him up to bed.

After his seizure (which lasted approximately 2 minutes) he wanted back downstairs. In less than an hour, he was curled up in his daddy's lap snoring. So, no post seizure pacing. He is fairly calm and definitely wanting his breakfast.

So, the clock is now reset. Hopefully I wont have to post another blog for at least 3 more months. Hopefully longer.


  1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Oh No! I am so sad for sweet Vegas...and for you too Cheryl...he seemed very relaxed yesterday. No weird posits..licking any out of the ordinary things I was looking for. He still went a very long time without this...I hope he continues lengthening the time in between. I'm sad.
  2. Davidh's Avatar
    Poor Vegas, I hope he goes along time without another one.
  3. 2BullyMama's Avatar
    Prayers and bully hugs that he goes a long time before another episode.
  4. Sherry's Avatar
    Just dropping in to say, hope everything is quiet at your home. With only good behavior
  5. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw so hoping a very long time before another one well actually hoping he never has another one.