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on to another wedding site

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sorry it took me a while to get back!!!

well the site was gorgeous i fell in love with the place the rooms everything!!! package price was good, but the only bad thing was they wanted us to put a deposit on all 12 rooms for 2 nights , to have the site to ourselves. Well that deposit was more than the actual wedding package grrrr... but if we only had 22 guests then we wouldnt have to reserve anyrooms unless guests wanted to stay there. well now we are back to looking at sites again. i found a great price for this place all they do is rent out the facility, tables, chairs, and take down of everything. my sister in law got a great deal on a guy cooking a bbq dinner for the reception for us, its a steel of a deal! and im thinkin if we just keep decorations simple it wont cost alot to rent the place. im thinking we are gonna try to look at this site next weekend.

its not as gorgeous as the other site but i love the waterfall going into the pond.


  1. cowsmom's Avatar
    well good luck in the hunting. im sure you will find something that will be perfect.