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Raw Feeding Week Six

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I can't believe it has been six weeks already!!! Time is flying by.

Well, I gave the pork ribs...not good....Gypsy and Lucy did great. No problems eating them and they really liked the bones. Gator loved them and had no problems with the bones either BUT he had a baaaad reaction. More YEAST. So, I guess maybe he is allergic to pork ribs?? Weird because he has been getting pork roast for a while. I am just going to cut the pork for now and go back to it later to make sure that was the issue. It could be after-effects of his antibiotic reaction. It would explain why he didn't do so well on the Fromm pork and applesauce but the other flavors of Fromm were fine. Well, there are lots of other meats that work just fine. Gypsy and Lucy will still get pork. I like the fat content for Gypsy and it is inexpensive. I did buy a little bit of lamb today to try to work that in a bite at a time. I hate the smell of lamb (gag) so this will be my challenge.

A lot of people say that they just can't handle the meat smell or feel and that is why they don't feed this way. I think that the lamb will test me and it takes a lot to gross me out! I have had six children so I can clean up poop, vomit, pee, you name it but lamb is just gross. Wish me luck!

So many things have changed in the last few weeks. Coats are much softer and thicker (yup, thicker), teeth look sparkly white, their energy levels are TERRIFIC. Lucy is just a different dog and has even started playing with the bullies again. She never was one to play with Gypsy much but she used to play with Gator when he first came home. Now she is joining in here and there.

Their poops are amazing. Usually they poop only once a day and it is so SMALL! Gypsy didn't poop yesterday at all (normal) and when she did poop today it was still small. About the size of my middle finger. It is so nice not to have to clean up poop 12 to 15 times a day.

Speaking of poop, I noticed that Lucy gets soft poop when I give her an egg. She loves them but I can only give them two or three times a week. I give the other two a raw egg about every other day and they are fine. I like the egg because I can put the salmon oil in it and they lick their bowls clean.

Doing meaty meals in the mornings is working out really well. It doesn't take any longer than a kibble meal so I don't have to get up early. That was my big fear. I am not a morning person and having to feed bony meals in the mornings would have been a nightmare for me. I don't even have my eyes open for at least 30 minutes after I get up! I have been wondering when I can cut back on bone and not have to feed it every day. That is why I tried pork ribs. I thought maybe bones that are more substantial would make it so that I don't have to give them every day. I have tried to cut back but then their poops aren't right. I wanted to move away from chicken, but it seems to be the only bone that I can get right now that Gator can handle. I do not want to give turkey bones. I am too afraid that they will splinter. I have heard they are the worst for that so I am hesitant to try it.

Beef heart has gone over VERY well! They really love it. It was weird cutting it up the first time, but the texture wasn't slimy like I thought it would be. It has such a rich color and is full of goodness. Now that I am moving away from pork for Gator, beef has moved into the #1 spot in their diet.

Anyway, after 6 weeks, I have to say that I am VERY pleased and even though there have been a few setbacks, we are getting through them. They just love their food and so do I! I feel a sense of pride that I am feeding them the best food that I can and that I can see with my eyes that they are doing very well. I wouldn't change that for anything.


  1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Good job! I got a little gaggy reading about the beef heart...
  2. savemejeebus's Avatar
    The turkey necks are ok. I use them as the bone content in meals regularly, replacing the dependence on chicken. I don't mind turkey wings too, but I prefer them cut up instead of whole. If whole, the drummette part may be a little too big for your pups.

    Still love hearing about how great Lucy is doing. Keep the good news coming!
  3. GatorRay's Avatar
    Thank you @savemejeebus. I have heard that they tend to splinter and can be dangerous so I have stayed away from them. How do you feel about a whole turkey? I have to give Gypsy and Gator big pieces because they like to put whole (large) things in their mouths and attempt to swallow them. I find, the bigger the better and I can remove it when they have had enough and give it back at another meal. I am not sure about turkey but I also want to move away from chicken as being the main bone source for Gator. The girls can have pork bones and it works out but I am not ready to introduce pork back into his diet again. I might just be a nervous nellie but yeast is a tough one to deal with!

    Tonight I opened the door and Lucy was out like a shot! She just zoomed past me! I was shocked. lol. I kind of stood there for a second processing the fact that it was a dog with black fur and not white that about bowled me over. lol. She then proceeded to trot around the yard and graze on the wild strawberries and roll in the grass. So beautiful! Thank goodness a critter didn't run by or I would have been running across the neighbors' yards in my house pants. lol
  4. savemejeebus's Avatar
    @GatorRay - I haven't noticed that turkey necks splinter but if they do, then they're a lot more forgiving. It's the legs that I stay away from. Never tried feeding whole as well, but may do since Thanksgiving for us is coming up in October. So that means cheap deals.
  5. Sherry's Avatar
    You know I love your blog. Living the raw diet with multiple dogs is so insightful. I am following this with great interest. and yes my freezer is getting more things in it, but I'm still saving room for a raw diet. Congrats on all the success's so far.
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