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The First Month of an Overprotective Mom

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We picked up Beau exactly one month ago on Saturday. What a change he's brought to our lives! From the moment I picked him up, I was in love. :luv: To be honest, the moment I saw him on the live video cam (Thanks Diego!) I knew our lives would never be the same. I wasn't prepared for the snuggly ball of energy though!

Neal and I don't have kids, so as with any only child, Beau receives 100% of the attention. Since we've brought him home, I've taken off work more than I've been there. A lot of it has to do with my interest in being with him, but also to ensure that he has someone to make sure he goes potty on a regular schedule. Speaking of which, I think I've said "potty" more in the last 4 weeks than probably my entire life! The same goes for the use of my "spot bot". He's a pee'ing machine! I feel like we are constantly going outside, and yet there are piddles misc locations around the house. He's getting better, but we're consistently a minute late on hitting the door. I suppose he's getting better...Neal and I are still slow.

We've heard the ridicule of coworkers and family when we bring up the idea of sending him to doggie day care while we are at work. We're still thinking of that option, but we've instead hired someone to come over and make sure he stays on his bathroom schedule and has some play time while we're working. I've met some wonderful people through the process. It's odd to think of someone coming into your home while you're away and playing with your puppy...but people drop off their kids to "at home" daycare, so I'll get over it.

Around week 2 (my birthday), I was greeted with my first mom-dilemma. Cherry eye. I knew exactly what it was, but called the vet anyway. I got an appointment for the next morning and they confirmed what I already knew. So, two weeks of ointment and we waited it out. Of course, the ointment didn't work and he'll have to get surgery. It certainly hasn't stopped his playtime or his interest in running around like a maniac!

Beau is three weeks in to his puppy training class. I can't say that it's been the best experience, but as with most things the last four weeks, it has been an adventure. There were originally three other dogs in his class...a golden retriever, a pit bull and a random mix-breed that Beau took to right away. Beau is by far the smallest dog in the group and definitely not as agressive during play time. He has been knocked around and I'm more worried than relaxed. But, he keeps jumping up and runs with the crew. We've learned to sit and lay down, of course only when treats are involved. Neal jokes that he's "coin operated".

Food. That has been a dramatic process. Again, more dramatic for me. Beau eats anything and everything. I think if I was going to change his name, I'd call him Hoover. I am always on alert for anything that can fit into his mouth. We're had to remove all our doorstops, but the floor has never been cleaner. (If only I could get Neal to remember to pick up his clothes and shoes BEFORE Beau gets to them!) Anyway, we've tried small servings of everything from Fromm to some dehydrated mix that smelled good but looked horrid. Regardless, you put it in front of him and it's gone within minutes. We have about two weeks remaining on the food he was on when we picked him up, so the transition is coming!

In the end, I can't imagine a better month. I'm looking forward to watching him grow, for Neal and I to conquer the house training, for the weather the cool off so we can spend more time outside, his first Gator football season and our first family photo. In the meantime, I'm going to snuggle up next to him and enjoy all the snoring goodness!
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  1. GatorRay's Avatar
    Yay! I am glad that someone else decided to blog . And Beau is a doll so I know I will enjoy hearing about the adventure!

  2. LucysMum's Avatar
    Yeaaaa. Your boy is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  3. BeauregardMom's Avatar
    Thank you! I've been meaning to write, but for some reason was nervous to post. I finally figured I was with a group of people that would understand my obsession.

    Oh, and GO GATORS!
  4. Sherry's Avatar
    Hang yeah we're obsessed with bully goodness. We love to read about, give advise about and snuggle with only the best darn thing ever, furry smoochy faces.
  5. nybadboy11's Avatar
    [QUOTE=GatorRay;bt414]Yay! I am glad that someone else decided to blog . And Beau is a doll so I know I will enjoy hearing about the adventure!

    GO GATORS![/QUOTE] im sorry to write u with this but i cant post anything but a reply for some reason and im new to the site yesterday i could can please help?
  6. BeauregardMom's Avatar
    I think the blog feature is available if you are a 4 Paw member. It's a great opportunity to get some additional "perks" from the site!

    Welcome, by the way! You'll find all sorts of valuable information here. Plus, everyone is helpful and excited for pics and info on your baby.
  7. nikkip410's Avatar
    aww beau is beautiful .. lots of love and wet kisses
  8. bullmama's Avatar
    Very nice blog! Hims is a handsome boy!
  9. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Just found this! Great idea! Wonderful puppy! :love: this way you can look back and remember the blur of puppyhood! Before you know it he will be 9 months old and a big boy.....:cry:
  10. cowsmom's Avatar
    i missed sarahs first year as we got her from someone who didnt want her anymore if you can imagine. its really nice to read about what a bulldog puppy is like and its kinda like i can learn about what sarahs first year of life may have been like. thank you for posting.
  11. ScuttleGirl's Avatar
    What a cutie! We're new at this too...going on week 2 of having our first bully. Oh, and...GO GATORS!!
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