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Raw Feeding Week Four

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Well, we are in week four, whew, what an adventure! I had been giving pork to them here and there and this morning I gave them their first truly meaty meal. I gave them pork roast (boston butt). It was so much easier than chicken! I have to admit, I am still a little uneasy with the bones so I watch them like a hawk when they eat. This morning I didn't feel like I had to keep such a close eye on them. They finished it FAST! I put the bowl down and, boom, it was gone. I did balance that out with some chicken leg quarters tonight to get some bone in there. I also gave them a SMALL bite of liver just because I was cutting it to freeze in bits and they were sitting there giving me "that face". I just couldn't resist.

I started the fish oil. It was an adventure trying to find some that would be appropriate but, they had some at whole foods that was acceptable. It is a wild salmon oil. I looked for something that did not have a preservative (usually they use rosemary). I also looked for probiotics but it was like the land of the lost. lol. I just couldn't make heads nor tails of the cooler. There were probably 100 different kinds! OY! So, I need to do some more research. Normally, you would not give that, but I am still in the process of trying to boost Gypsy's immune system and also trying to do something about Gator's rancid GAS!:bad: It is just soooo gross. Instead, I have just been giving them a bit of yogurt with their meals and it is helping. The gas has cut back tremendously. There is still once or twice a day when it is still really nasty though.

I think Gypsy's demodex is getting better. I had intended to continue with the cream the vet gave me, but after about a week I stopped using it. It burned her skin! To the point that it was bleeding. It was awful so I stopped. But it looks like it is clearing up because hair is growing back on all of the spots but one and the skin looks pink and healthy instead of red and irritated. I made an oil combination of 1/2 neem oil and 1/2 lavender oil and used that on the one spot and it hasn't been itchy so I think that worked. Neem oil is pretty potent though so I have only been doing it once a day. I am now contemplating whether or not to take her for a second scraping but I honestly don't want to. It was really awful and she had a giant scab. I am *thinking* that if the skin looks good and the hair is growing back, then there isn't a need for that. I haven't decided yet.

One side note that might be interesting. Their red fur is getting darker red. Both of them. The change seems to be moving from front to back. It started as just a couple of little spots of darker red within the large patches but they have grown and now are merged into one big patch. Today I noticed a few more small spots of red that are deeper as well. Very interesting! I would have thought that maybe it was some sort of "adult coat" but it is happening to both of them and Gypsy is still only 6 1/2 months and Gator is 10 months, so they are kind of young.

Here and there, Lucy has started joining into the puppies' play! It is really cool to see her running with them and jumping and playing. Just amazing!!!

Next on the menu is pork ribs!! I will start those on Tuesday night. I am so excited for them. They will really enjoy it!


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    Awesome reading, keep up the good work. think I'm almost there. !!
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