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Raw Feeding Week Three Day Five

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Just an update that the yogurt I gave them yesterday seems to be working with the gas WHEW! :whew:

A few things I would like to talk about today if anyone is reading this. :D Cost and the investment of time. My experience so far with cost is that I am saving approximately $90 a month by feeding raw. I can find meat on special for less than $1 a pound and often for 69 or 79 cents a pound. Of course I buy out the store when I see it which I am sure they just LOVE :P. But feeding three medium sized dogs kibble gets expensive when you want to feed the best kibble you can. So, for our family, just the money aspect makes it worth it not to mention the health benefits. I scope out the sale ads and every time I go into a store, I look at the manager's specials. I am also joining a co-op to get more variety at a good price and am finding that even the more exotic meats will be less than $1.50 a lb. $90 is a HUGE savings!!!

Time commitment is something that many people have mentioned as being a concern. I will buy all these meats and put them in the fridge. When I have some time in the evening or on the weekend, I just spend an hour every week or two (depending on the sales so far) to cut up, weigh, label and bag daily portions for each dog. Then I throw it in the freezer. I just have to remember to take food out the day before and put it in the fridge to thaw. It takes me more than an hour to drive out to the feed store to buy the food anyway so this is actually time saving for me. It also doesn't take them much longer to eat a meal than it does for them to scarf a bowl of kibble so even that is at least comparable to kibble feeding. I keep two weeks worth of daily portions for each pup in the fridge at the least. Cleaning up is a pain, but I put water in the sink, put in a capfull or so of bleach and then use a clean washcloth to wipe any surfaces. If they get it on the floor, I just wipe the places on the floor that they put the food on. Now that I am feeding two in the crate, I just wipe the crate with the cloth and dry. Takes all of two minutes, literally.

Another concern that I have seen is in handling the meats....believe me, after the first time, you won't be squeamish anymore. Just have a good pair of kitchen shears, a nice cutting board (I use plastic and then wash it with bleach and then put it in the dishwasher) and a decent biggie :). I also choose to use rubber gloves that I buy in big boxes at the pharmacy or the grocery or even at Costco.

Basically, if someone is really thinking raw is the way to go, it can be done with minimal expense and time! The hardest part is the research so that you know the particulars and have a mentor or 1,000 mentors to help you along the way until you have it down.

Comments are ALWAYS welcome and appreciated!


  1. Sherry's Avatar
    I read this to my husband. Believe me, I'm still plugin away. Keep up the good work. My new freezer is 3/4 empty.
  2. GatorRay's Avatar
    @Sherry so funny how they are so stubborn huh? lol. At any rate, some people don't like to use bleach to clean but I do. I just make sure to keep the dogs away from it and use a clean cloth to wipe after I have wiped with the clorox. Many use vinegar, but it burns my skin and I get blisters. Weird huh?
  3. Sherry's Avatar
    Yep, that's hubby's biggest gripe, the clean up. Other than that, he's on board. His mom is a clean freak and the apple didn't fall far. BIG TIME I will be going back to work soon, the knee is healing very nice. Therapy is going good. It won't be long for me. sigh.... I will not give up the cause!
  4. GatorRay's Avatar
    @Sherry actually, the clean up really isn't that bad after feeding. Lucy actually likes to take her food into the yard and then there isn't any floor clean up for her. I put Gypsy in her crate because she is the messiest and when she is done, it takes 30 seconds to wipe up the crate and then I use a baby wipe to wipe her paws and mouth. I don't know if I need to wipe her paws and mouth or not, but I do. lol