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Raw Feeding Day Seven

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Mostly today I just wanted to comment on the lack of a solid poop out of Gypsy. I am going to add a chicken leg in hopes of getting something a bit more solid out of her.

I also wanted to comment on Gator's LACK of gunky eyes. He has had increasingly gross eyes over the last months and it was just getting out of control. Well, guess gunk for the last couple of days. boogie or anything. I had attributed it to environmental allergies, but now I am questioning that. His wrinkles have stayed dry as well. Wow....

Also, Gator's limp is gone. I doubt it is food related but more just maybe he was growing funny? Don't know but he is back to chasing his ball in the yard. Of course, it is hard to see since we have to do it in the DARK! It has just been way too hot to let them be out long during the day and I have to restrict him time wise at night as well but it is a lot cooler so we are able to allow him to run around in the yard for 10 to 15 minutes.

Gator also has been having some pretty potent GAS! Whew! I did ask about it and it seems that it isn't uncommon during the transition and it should stop soon. I was going to go ahead and give him a bite of pork with dinner but I think I will wait and see if this gas goes away first.

Lucy is still doing fine :). She has taken to the new diet with no hiccups! YAY! She eats it easily, loves it and her poops are lookin good!


  1. izstigspunks's Avatar
    You may already know this but Gator's gas may be due to him detoxing. Supposedly, since they're all eating such a healthy diet that their bodies need to dispose of all the yucky chemicals that they've endured in the past. Stig's came out as massive ear wax. lol. For a full couple of weeks! Some experience extra itching, distinct odour, eye gunk, etc. So no need to worry!

    I'm amazed how Lucy's doing. It's usually the youngins that have less reactions to the transition but wow!
  2. GatorRay's Avatar
    @savemejeebus if gas is all we get for a "detox" then we are doing darn good! lol. Lucy has just taken to it like she has been eating this way her whole life. She always has had a pretty steady stomach .
  3. Sherry's Avatar
    @GatorRay I must tell you. I am loving this raw diet blog.