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Bulldog Info and experiences

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Hey all I'm a newbie to this site and have already found alot of informative info and love reading about all your experiences with your bulldogs. I'm from New Zealand and my partner and I have 2 gorgeous bulldogs 1 male (kahn) he is 5 and our princess girl (bailey) she is 3. Bailey is due to have her first litter on 17 May ... we are soooo excited!! There is only a very limited number of sites in New Zealand which are dedicated to bulldogs so i'm glad to find a site such as English Bulldog News where you can share everything about this wonderful breed ... great site!!:)


  1. Capone'sMom's Avatar
    welcome tachia this site is great I find alot of great info. on here cute pic too
  2. Bulldogg's Avatar
    Thank you for the compliment, it is very exciting to have your first litter! If you have any questions you can post them in the breeder's area. It is going to be tough, so get lots of sleep now, while you can!
  3. Bulldogg's Avatar
    One more thing, this site would not be what it is if it was not for the great members who post and give advice here. Thanks to all of them for helping make our site one of the best bully sites on the net. Now, just spread the word to all of your bully friends!