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Raw Feeding Day Six

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Well, today was interesting. lol. I didn't take their food out of the freezer and put in the fridge until very late so it was still a bit frozen this morning. Not solid but with ice crystals still in/on it. I thought, oh well....and handed everyone their breakfast! lol. It was actually a good thing for Gator and Gypsy. It forced them to knaw on it a bit and get smaller pieces and that made me a bit more comfortable. I didn't hold Gator's to see how he would do and it was fine.

Gator's poop was almost perfect. Gypsy DIDN'T poop but I am not going to panic as I know this can be normal. Lucy's was the best she has had as well. I think Gator and Lucy are ready for a new protein. If Gypsy's poop is still mushy/runny in the morning, I will give her a chicken leg to get more bone into her diet and try to firm up that poop a bit.

I have decided to wait on the liver for Gypsy and continue on the ointment from the vet. I just don't want her to get cannon butt and I can't take the chance that the mange will spread.

My daughter decided it would be ok to unplug the deep freeze to plug in her radio. Good thing I went to get their food for tomorrow as things had started to thaw a bit. I did check and apparently, it is perfectly fine to re-freeze it. It is strictly a dog freezer.