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Raw Feeding Day Five

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Well, things are getting better and better! I think Lucy and Gator are probably ready for a new protein so I am weighing my options. Thinking beef.

I am also considering adding some veal liver (just a smidge!) to Gypsy's diet to help with her immune system and this demodex mange issue. I am getting conflicting information on this though. Some say that it would be pointless since her system is not regulated to raw yet and some say it is high in vitamin c which can be a help. BUT I have also done some research on the ointment we were given and some alternative natural treatments. An effective treatment that has been noted in several sources is a mix of Neem oil and lavender oil. Not sure about this but apparently, the ointment from the vet can cause central nervous issues and I am not so sure I like the sound of that!!! It has helped though. On most of the spots her skin is no longer red/inflamed.

Lucy has slowed down a *little* but is still trotting around the yard and into the neighbor's yard which is a HUGE improvement. I made a bunch of calls this morning looking for chicken feet. They are NOT easily found! I finally got in touch with a poultry processor and they suggested a store across town. I will call them later and see if they do have them. If so, it is time for a road trip!

I have decided to be on the look-out for some whole, un-enhanced chickens for Gator. I think the breast and thigh pieces are just too small since he can fit the whole thing in his mouth. I am still holding his food so that he will chew it but I don't feel like this is helping him learn to deal with his food on his own. As a Montessorian, I believe in learning through doing, and this just isn't cutting it! Lucy got it on the first go and Gypsy (after one big gag) has it down too and knows to CHEW it and not try to swallow it whole.

On a side note, Gator's eyes have not been gunky during this process as they were before and they are watering very little. I took some before pics of the tear stains and will take after photos in a few weeks. His wrinkles remain DRY for the most part and not WET. Also, Gypsy's acne is healed! WHOOP! I believe this is a direct result of the raw feeding. She has previously been on antibiotic and though they were not infected any longer, they were there and still red and ucky. Now there is one left but even that is now the color of healthy skin and the hair is back.

I am thrilled at all of these positive changes!


  1. izstigspunks's Avatar
    Do you have any ethnic stores in your area? I buy most of my meat from Asian/Caribbean/Indian stores. Here they carry a lot of variety like goat, lamb, turkey, duck and rabbit, including all the parts.

    For the chicken, I usually give Stig a whole leg where it's the thigh and drumstick attached. He does swallow large pieces at one time but chew on the bone for a bit first. I know he would swallow a drumstick or a thigh whole if given a chance.

    Oh and a warning about turkey legs, I tend to avoid them whole. For some reason they have these skinny bones that turn sharp when broken. I found Stig throwing up some scary pieces a few times and decided to stop giving them just a couple of weeks ago. But then again, some rawfeeders are fine with them so it's your choice if you'd like to give them a go.
  2. GatorRay's Avatar
    Thank you @savemejeebus! I have checked the asian and latin grocery stores here BUT one of the butchers in town has some organs at a great price as well as directed me to a different store in town that has good stuff as well. I also did call that other grocer and they have the chicken feet, raw. YAY! I am gonna head out and get some of those in the next day or so for Lucy.

    I have decided already not to go with Turkey unless it is just for the meat. But I am concerned about bone sources now because our only other alternatives until I find a source for rabbit, is either pork or chicken. I need to find some chicken backs/frames. I will most likely call the poultry processor back to ask about that. I wish I had more options for venison, bison, etc....
  3. Sherry's Avatar
    I am interested. I would love to feed like this,, but alas, I am not a stay at home bully mum........sigh. keep up the blog ! =-) someday for me,,,, someday it will be me.
  4. GatorRay's Avatar
    @Sherry I am off for the summer but have to go back to work in a little over a week. I think it will be a challenge but I will figure it out . I might have to get up a bit earlier.....but the up-side is that they get through the meals quicker now.