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Raw Feeding Day Four

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Well, everyone pooped today! Gator pooped this morning and it was the same as it has been, mushy and slimy looking. Gypsy pooped this afternoon and it was watery with some firm chunks (GROSS) and yellowish. Lucy's was mostly firm with some watery stuff after but it was a darker color. Dark brown. I am just glad that no one is stopped up from all of the bone they are getting.

Meals were uneventful. I am still holding Gator's and trying to decide if I should just get him a whole chicken and let him work that over a few meals. It might force him to gnaw at it a bit more and he won't be able to put a whole chicken in his mouth! lol.

With the mange, I need to support Gypsy's immune system. Someone on a raw feeding group suggested to go ahead and start adding some liver even though she hasn't adjusted to the chicken yet. I am a little worried because it can cause diarrhea. I will wait and see what some others say before I do it.

Lucy is doing GREAT! Running around and chasing things. No soreness it seems. I am just thrilled at this development. I am trying to figure out where to get chicken feet as suggested by @savemejeebus. I think it would be nice to help her get the more natural (meaning NOT processed) glucosamine.

All in all things are moving along nicely! I can see from the consistency of the poops that they are not quite ready to move to a new protein. Hopefully very soon! I am trying to decide if I should move to pork or beef next. Pork is fattier....


  1. SusanS's Avatar
    So, the raw diet seems to be a good choice? My EB has skin allergies that started at 2 yrs old. I am also considering a raw diet for him. protein at a time and when do ya know to switch to a different one?
  2. GatorRay's Avatar
    @SusanS so far so FANTASTIC on this diet. I am going to write about day 5 in a minute. I will PM you a raw feeding group to browse to help you get started. One protein to start and chicken is the most benign plus with the switch, the bone in the chicken will help to regulate their poops until they are accustomed to the new diet. I won't change proteins until I see a good, normalized poop out of them. Lucy and Gator are most likely ready after a week to introduce a new protein but Gypsy is not yet. Also, when introducing a new protein you want to start small just like with a kibble switch. Mostly the chicken and then a bit of the second protein and increase as their poops tell you.