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Raw Feeding Day Three and I Just Can't believe it!!

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We went out before dinner to potty and Lucy and Gator pooped nice little poops. Slimy and yellowish but I know that the yellow is just chicken poops and the slimy is most likely the fat content. They were both very small but they were just a little soft. Not runny or wet.

Then something happened. Lucy has been running! She trotted all over the yard, ventured into the neighbor's yard, ran about and chased a squirrel up a tree. I just can't believe this happened! I actually cried when she went for that squirrel. We had decided she needed a vet visit about her joints and movement but I am putting it off a few more days to see what develops.

Dinner was uneventful. Everyone did well. I am still holding Gator's food. I did let him take one piece I knew he couldn't get down and he horked it up so I held it again and he worked it. I also took the leap and gave Gator and Gypsy small pieces of the skin that I have had to pull off of their food and then gave Lucy the rest.

Still waiting for a second Gypsy poop today.