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Raw Feeding Continued

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I have decided to keep writing so that I will have all of the details recorded before I forget. I may need to refer to this later.

Dinner on the second day was an event. Lucy and Gypsy did great but Gator decided it would be really cool to put the WHOLE breast in his mouth and then proceed to choke on it. I mean, he stopped breathing and everything. So, of course, I stuck my whole hand in his mouth and pulled it out getting bitten in the process. Poor guy! But, as soon as it came out, he wanted to keep eating it! It was still in one big piece so, I grabbed one end and held it so that he couldn't get much in his mouth and he had to actually chew it. Worked fine but scared me to death! Afterwards I cleaned him up with a baby wipe and poured peroxide on my bite (it was a reflex for him to chomp harm done) and then some neosporin and a band-aid. He got one finger pretty good but it does look almost healed this morning. Looks like I will be holding his food for a while.

Late last night Lucy pooped! YAY! Her poop was much like Gypsy's only it had grass in it because she ate her food in the yard. Kind of slimy looking and just a little bit.

Morning came and they are still urinating normally but barely drinking. Urine is clear and there is plenty of it. They are acting normally....actually, Lucy has more bounce in her step than she has had in weeks! Nice! She actually pooped a tiny bit again this morning. Looks the same as last night.

So, breakfast was uneventful. I put on a glove and held his meat to force him to chew. Everyone else did great. I still fed Lucy the skin from the kid's chicken as they cannot chew it.

I have noticed some gas today from, I think, all of them. Nothing to clear a room but not great smelling either. lol. I have noticed that Gator's eyes have not been gunky at all today and his wrinkles are DRY. Interesting development. Gypsy's wrinkles are still moist but I will keep an eye on that.

I can't believe how Lucy's energy level has gone up. It is only a little but enough to tell a difference and I am VERY pleased!


  1. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    I love this!! Thanks
  2. izstigspunks's Avatar
    Stiggy poops just once a day, sometimes not at all.