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Hives and hotspot - & now with 'baby formula'

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Great news, his hives have decreased and are now drying up. His hotspot and associate scabbing are now gone. We've ceased giving him benadryl beginning last night.

We've started including a heaping spoonful of a powdered 'bovine colostrum', which is what is fed to baby cows right after they're born. Sorta reminds me of baby formula. It's meant to boost his immune system. Not sure if this addition is what caused him to heal up but I'm going to continue putting it in his food for another week or so. And then every so often after that.


  1. GatorRay's Avatar
    This is very interesting. What prompted the use of the formula?
  2. izstigspunks's Avatar
    @GatorRay - I asked his doggy daycare owner and other rawfeeders what to give to boost his immune system. They all said to try the colostrom. I got it from a horse feeding store nearby. It really does smell like baby formula.
  3. GatorRay's Avatar
    huh...immune system boost....that is something Gyps needs too with the mange.