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June 27th 2011 Monday 7:15am

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Since we've increase his bromide level..Vegas has been "weird" lately. His bedtime schedule is messed up. It use to go like clockwork. Daddy would say "it's bedtime", Vegas would get up, go outside and potty and follow dad upstairs. Dad would lift him on the bed and when mommy came to bed....I would have to lift and move him to make room.
Now, he's in and out of bed several times. It's almost as if he's trying to "hoard" us into bed at the same time. Dad will lift him up and immediately he's back down and going back outside. He paces like crazy. He's up and down so much....I've been putting him in his kennel usually around 3am. Last night was the first night in over a week that he's slept with us from the start. I took him upstairs at 10, and he was back down by 10:15. Outside and in the pool....then he went back up the stairs and laid on his bed ...located beside ours. He slept there until about 4am when he decided he wanted on the bed. So, I lifted him up and he settled down pretty quick. It's a warm morning, but he wanted under the covers. I fought him for a little bit, then gave in. He crawled under the covers..down by my feet and was snoring. I then pulled him up next to me so his chest and face were out of the covers. About 6:45 am my alarm went off and Vegas was panting. I completely uncovered him and put the fan on him. I came downstairs about 7 and he followed me. He got up on his couch and laid down. At 7:10 he had a seizure. I really think heat has something to do with it. But it's only sometimes. I really need to get a camera on him so I feel comfortable with him sleeping downstairs in his kennel. At least we can monitor with sound ...I'm a fairly light sleeper and think I will wake up to sound.