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I give my one year old eb a tsp. of canola oil on his food twice a day and i rubs and drags his face across my carpet after every time. does any one else have this problem, or is does he have an allergy?


  1. Loo-e's Avatar
    Hi Corina what is the oil for?
  2. Bulldogg's Avatar
    He is probably just "cleaning" his face off after eating. If you put oil or other stuff on his food (like canned food, cottage cheese, pumpkin, ect) they will get it on their face while they eat. I would not be concerned with it unless he keeps doing it long after he eats. What you could do is wipe his face with a warm cloth after he eats to save your carpet.

    Symptoms of allergies would be constant itching, hives on the skin, hair loss, & yeasty wrinkles. Does he have any of those?
  3. bullmama's Avatar
    Corina, any news on this? Any changes? Wondering about the canola oil, is this recommended to you by someone to do?
  4. corina's Avatar
    well i took him to the vet and they said he does not look like a dog with allergies, but he had two ear infections, witch i know now is part of the rubbing, but he continues to rub his face all over the carpet long after he eats and is even doing it when i don't give him the oil. yes the oil has been recommended by many English bulldog websites and books. i do notice a difference when he takes it. he also now has cherry eye, we push it back in everyday, but he does need the surgery. he also has sores on his face, i think they are from him climbing up the ladder of our kids swing set which is wood.
  5. Bulldogg's Avatar
    The sores could also be from rubbing his face. Hopefully clearing up the ear infections will help. What brand of dog food are you feeding him?