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Hives and hotspot

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Poor Stiggy broke out in hives 2 days ago. He's also been scratching his right shoulder which is now raw looking. My bf and I are trying to isolate what caused it. We have a few ideas of what the culprit may be.

1. His new shampoo. We started using a new oatmeal and aloe brand 2 baths ago. I noticed the first time that he was a little red but thought that it was due to seasonal allergies. We last gave him a bath this past Sunday and he started scratching on Monday.

2. Goat meat bought from another store.

3. Bananas that we've started giving him regularly for the past week.

4. Pesticides from outside.

We got a bottle of his old shampoo from his vet tonite so we're going to try that first. Crossing my fingers that it works, more for Stiggy's sake than ours. We're also going to give him 1 Benadryl tonite to help with the itchiness and another one tomorrow morning.

Blog 1 done ....