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June 8th 2011 5:30am

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I haven't been sleeping well. I guess I never really do. This morning as Mark was getting into the shower I remember mumbling to Vegas..." I don't think you can get any closer to me". That was about 5:15. Shortly after, Vegas lifts his head and starts to sniff. At this point I knew what was coming. I got out of bed and before I could make it to the other side, Vegas had "walked" off the bed. He ended up doing a flip...coming off the bed on his front legs and his bottom going up and over. Not only was I concerned about the I was wondering about an injury. I thought Vegas was only going to do the muscle tensing into a ball, but about 30 seconds into that, the facial stuff started. It wasn't bad..but long. He laid on the floor afterward for a good 10 minutes before he got up. Normally at this point, we head downstairs to let him pace. He wasn't having any of it....he wanted back in bed. He went over to my side and sat looking upwards. I helped him into the bed and he proceeded to lay down. He rested for an hour. Orion slept in her kennel downstairs...and she started barking at 6:30. So I got up to let her out and Vegas decided to get up also. No post-ictal pacing at all.
Grandma is staying home with him today. Vegas' seizure meds have been increased. He is now taking 4mls twice daily of the potassium bromide. He's been on this dose for 2 weeks. Dr. Sanders said it may take 4 to 6 weeks for the dose to build into his system.


  1. melanieian's Avatar
    Poor baby. This just breaks my heart! I really hope the meds start working for him.
  2. KMARINO's Avatar
    Wow double whammy with the seizure and Vegas walking off the bed. I hope all has calmed down and everything is OK, for both of you now.
  3. Laura M Velazquez's Avatar
    Hope the meds start doing the job. I'm sure waiting is the worst. Feel better little guy!
  4. Luvin My Bullie's Avatar
    Poor sweet Vegas! Hugs to you both!!! I hope his meds work better soon .
  5. meatys mom's Avatar
    get better soon sweet boy!!