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May 10th 2011

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5am this morning Vegas wakes up having a seizure. He was kinda restless last night before bed and I woke up at 3am him licking his dew claws. Obsessively. I finally got him to quit, but he was still restless. FINALLY, he found a comfy spot under the covers. I made sure to remove the many blankets once he was settled. I didn't want him overheating. The seizure was about a minute in length and he recovered fairly quickly.

Note: He had some face twitching on that night I gave him 10mg of oral diazepam with his dinner. Also on Sunday morning and evening..10mg time. Monday, I did not give him any.


  1. LisaMarie's Avatar
    Gosh, I dont know how you deal with this. It has to be so scary and heartbreaking to see Him go through this.