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Moe's 9 May Vet Visits

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Had a busy day with 2 vet visits scheduled:

First was for his cherry eye... we went to a vision specialist and was very impressed with her. We scheduled an appointment to have the surgery next week.

Later we went to his normal vet to have a couple issues looked at. The pig weighed in at 50 pounds. First of all, he had a raw spot appear on his shoulder. The scrape came up positive for Derm Mange. I think it's good that we know what caused it and it is treatable. Medicated shampoo twice weekly with a daily topical, then recheck in a couple weeks.

He also started limping a bit, mostly after our walks or after playing hard. The vet recommended Gluclosimine, and recommended anti flamitory after he has his cherry eye surgery. If it doesn't clear up, they will take xrays and look into it more. He will also be sitting out of the walks for a bit


  1. Libra926's Avatar
    Poor Moe. I KNEW he was a biggie. 50 pounds! OMG. And, he still has all that skin to grow into! You are going to have one BIG boy on your hands!
  2. GatorRay's Avatar
    I felt the same way about the mange. I told the vet that I was glad it wasnt some mystery skin issuse. It is easier if you know what it is. I would love to see some recent pics of Moe!