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From Franky Stein and Boris Karloffs("the boys") mom.....

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I am sitting here watching "the boys" pet my female akita, 6 year old, Kashii.
I watched very carefully how Kashii behaved with the new puppies when we got them. I was more than pleased, Kashii has treated them like her babies! I love watching tthem when she has to "scolled" them, boy do they show her how sorry they are......Then ,like kids they go and do it again!
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  1. bullmama's Avatar
    Oh they are sooooo cute!!!! I love that tattoo too, is that yours on your profile?
  2. crystalmcr's Avatar
    Well... it has been crazy this last monthI was in the hospital the first part of the mont for emergancy surgery. I had a growth on my small inteston. Iwas in the hospital for 11 days, and out of work til tomorrow (7/11).
    They found that the growth was nothing bad and the removed it. The heail has been slow but heading in the right direction.
    Boris and Franky left me speechless when I got home from the hospital, they were so gentle. Prior to my surgery, I had been working like CRAZY to get Boris to stop jumping on people. He was a different dog when I came home! Franky was also very protective. Who replaced my dogs!!